Remote Support using Bomgar
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on 18 September 2017 09:51 AM

As part of our tools for supporting our customers we are switching to Bomgar and away from the current Team Viewer system. The first thing to do is call the Technical Support team at (860) 635-1500 and explain the problem. Many issues can be resolved without initiating a login session. If a login session is required follow the steps below. The Technical Support personnel will not access anything on your computer that you are not aware of and nothing is stored on our end.

1. Click on the link to the Bomgar clientRemote Support using BomgarWhen the user clicks the new Remote Assistance menu item, it should open the default web browser and go to that URL.  Microsoft Explorer is the only browser that loads the Bomgar Client. We hope that in the future to add other browsers, however this is a third party application. 

The web page the should see look like this:

2. The Technical Support personnel will provide you a session key to enter in the dialog. You will be prompted to acknowledge you wish to start a session with our support staff.

3. Once the Support Technician logs into your computer there will be a dialog box that shows you the activity.  There is also a File Transfer tab to send files back and forth.  To do more the more advanced operations on your computer than running programs or transferring files, you might need to grant the permission. If this is required you would get a prompt to allow this.

The view you have during the session:

If at any time you wish to terminate the session you have control to do so by clicking the big red X on the dialog above. Once completed, the Technical Support Personnel will inform you that  they are logging out of your computer.