Tidal Zones & your HSX Mulitbeam Data
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Tidal Zones & your HSX Mulitbeam Data

The TIDAL ZONE program interpolates tide correction values between tide gauges spread over your survey area and applies a user-defined time offset and magnitude multiplier to each tide correction based on the tidal zone in which the sounding falls.

Open the TIDAL ZONE program from the Processing --> Tides Menu

The TID file that you want to use has to have a date in the TDX/TID to apply properly

Once you hit "RUN" , you will get a new *.LOG file with extra extension on file _ZONE

In my cae HSX_01312017_zone.LOG

It will also create new HSX data files with appened extension. Example: 058_1826_zone.hsx

The new HSX file will be created with new device in the header: It will be found as the last device in header:

DEV 3 256 "TidalZoner" 0 c:\hypack\devices\gentide.dll 1.3

When you open HSX data in MBmax64 for "TIDE" Select "TIDALZONER"

You can now check tide in the Heave/Tide window: