Excavator with RTK
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on 14 February 2017 09:11 AM

RTK on Excavator:

  • On an Excavator that is using an RTK GPS for tide there are two different methods that can be employed.
  1. The user can reference the GPS.dll Vertical Offset from the Boom Pin remembering that up is negative in our offsets.
  2. The other method is to measure the GPS Vertical Offset to the Water Line of the Barge the excavator is sitting on.
    1. In the second method you will also have to enter the height of the Boom Pin Vertical Offset from the Water Line for the Excavator.dll.
    2. This method is preferred when the height of the water surface can be independently verified because the bucket can then be set to the water and the tide/water surface can be compared to the bucket final elevation to ensure vertical calibration.
  • If the tide/water surface is not independently referenced and is not of concern then the first method is sufficient.