Topcon RTK GPS Base and Rover Setup - HYPACK and TRU
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on 02 February 2017 01:02 PM

Topcon RTK GPS Base and Rover Setup - HYPACK and TRU (Topcon Control Software)

Setup the Base Station

  • Enter Base Lat, Long and Ellipsoid Height
  • This base was setup and static logged
    • Positions were run through OPUS and solution confirmed for TBM (Temporary Benchmark)

Confirm Base GPS Tracking Modes

  • Make sure L1 and L2 Bands are selected

  • Verify Base Station Coordinates outside of HYPACK
  • Verify Rover Coordinates outside of HYPACK
    • Ensure that the Rover process the Geoid the same as what HYPACK will use
  • Record these coordinates to match up against HYPACK

  • Set HYPACK Geodesy to Zone and Geoid Model
  • HYPACK Hardware - Use the GPS.dll
    • Set the Rod height as vertical offset

Test the GPS.dll and match up coordinates in TEST window against logged coordinates (Outside of HYPACK)

Results -

  • X Difference --> 0.04
  • Y Difference --> 0.044
  • Z Difference --> 0.05

Not bad for an RTK Base station setup on Magazine Street, New Orleans, Louisiana connected to a Rover. I encourage everyone to look at Google Maps and see the canopy. Plenty of tall buildings and a nice built in elevation mask. Results probably would be a bit better on the water seeing the whole constellation. The GNSS receiver option always helps as well!