HYPACK Hardware - GPS.dll NMEA Message setup
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Recommended NMEA messages: If these messages are output from the GPS receiver then more GPS Windows are available in the SURVEY program under the "Windows" Tool Bar

  • $GPGGA: 1 to 10Hz Normal

       20 Hz for RTK Heave

-WGS-84 Lat/Long, Differential Status, # of Sats, Ellipsoid Height, HDOP.

  • $GPZDA: 1 Hz Only!

-Used for Time Synchronization

  • $GPVTG: 1 Hz

-Speed and Course Over Ground

  • $GPHDT: 1 Hz SB or 10Hz MB

-Vessel heading from directional antenna

  • $GPGSV: 1 Hz

-Satellite positions and health

  • $GPGST: 1 Hz

-Standard Error Information