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Purpose of the MATRIX REPORTER

  • To provide a quick report of progress in any dredging environment. To allow the user to see where the dredging has occurred with a visual representation.
  • The MATRIX REPORTER program is located in the menu under UTILITIES – DREDGING UTILITES.


  • When the program starts it inherits the background display from the main HYPACK Shell program. There are no options to manipulate what is displayed within this program.

  • The tool does allow the user to manipulate the display with zoom, pan, and rotation.

  • At the beginning of the project the user opens the pre-dredge matrix to create a base record of the project.
  • All of the data is stored in a file with the same name as the matrix, the extension is changed to .mtd
  • Updates can be loaded at any user desired interval. Each update is loaded with the date of the computer when it is loaded. The user can change the name and the color of each update.
  • To load an update the user selects the third icon on the tool bar and selects the matrix to add.
  • Updates must be from the same source matrix. The corner, size and cell size must all be exactly the same. The program will not remap data from a matrix with different header.
  • Once the update has been added to the database, the cells that have been changed will appear in the map area.

  • To change the color or the date choose the fourth icon on the tool bar.
  • The Manage Updates dialog appears and the user can add a title to the page, change color of any update, change the date or they can turn off any update.
  • When an update is turned off it will not display on the map but the Total Material Removed Estimate will include all of the dates in the database.