3D Mesh Surface Reconstruction Options
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3D Mesh Surface Reconstruction Options

The parameters used in the creation of the 3D MESH are shown in the Properties panel.

  • Maximum Neighbors: Number of nearby soundings to be considered as candidates for creating a triangle during the meshing process. Typical values are 50-100.
  • Depth is the most important factor. It represents the number of iterations the program goes through until generating the final model. The higher the number, the better definition you get, and the longer it takes to generate the model. The default is 10.
  • Point Weight: Importance of interpolated points. The results of the original Poisson Reconstruction can be obtained by setting this value to 0. Typical value is 4.
  • Samples Per Node: For noise-free samples, small values in the range [1.0 - 5.0] can be used. For more noisy samples, larger values in the range [15.0 - 20.0] may be needed to provide a smoother, noise-reduced, reconstruction. Typical value is 1.0.