How to avoid incorrect work of HYPACK if you use a local language
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on 30 December 2016 06:29 AM

HYPACK is becoming better and better in a way we handle non-Latinic characters in the file names, folder names and so on.

Few years ago (2010 if I remember that right), any file name written in local alphabet could crash a module (the simplest case - you name a project with Rusian characters and run SURVEY - it simply wont' run). This was fixed and now all our customers can use their own language to name the project, the files, targets, put notes to their data files, add the prefixes into the file names etc.

Still, some modules can give incorrect results. The latest examples are:


If you keep your project in a folder with non-Latinic characters and then you try to export a DGN file inside EXPORT program, you will get really small file with nothing inside. The solution would be to place your project in a folder named with Latinic characters.

2. SBMAX - Export a Spreadsheet as a Text File. Here, again, if you use local language interface (i.e. Russian or Chinese) and try to export a text file from the Spreadsheet, then resulting TXT file will display weird characters you can't read.

Probably, there are some more issues and we'll be happy if you let us know. We are trying to make our software better!