HYPACK will not start properly
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on 30 December 2016 05:44 AM

Sometimes after you click HYPACK icon (either from the Desktop or from Program Files menu), nothing happens.

Below are two examples how to treat the issue:

1. Another instance of the program is already running in the background (that may happen if previous session was not closed properly).


Open the TASK MANAGER in WINDOWS and check HypackXXXX.exe (XXXX is the version) and also hybkgnd.exe (this program is responsible for license manager) in the PROCESSES tab. End the processes. Try to run HYPACK again.

2. A project you were working last time is corrupted (because of different reasons).


Open the C:\Hypack 201X\ folder and delete hypack.ini file - this file contains settings of the main HYPACK Shell at the moment when the previous session was closed. Then run HYPACK again. Program will run with no project enabled so you will have to use Project Manager tab to open your project. Do not worry, this operation will not do any harm to your projects.