Changing coma to dot as a delimiter
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on 30 December 2016 05:01 AM

Recently I have had an issue where the time of HYPACK and a Multibeam was asynchronous. After all possible efforts finally I have checked the delimiter in the WINDOWS. And it was coma while HYPACK needs a dot. After changing this one everytnig worked like a charm.

This is common that WINDOWS OS in different countries use coma as a decimal symbol. If that happens, some of HYPACK modules may behave in a strange ways. One of the examples is mentioned above. Another examples include wrong volume computations inside CSV or TIN MODEL, HYPLOT may not open your PLT files, resulting XYZ could not be opened in Final Products because there are comas instead of dots as delimiters there and many more.

If you purchased WINDOWS outside the USA or UK (I know for sure Russian and Turkish), make sure there is a proper decimal symbol. To varify that, please, open CONTROL PANEL, then follow to REGION ANA LANGUAGE. Click ADDITIONAL SETTINGS button under FOMATS tab and look at DECIMAL SYMBOL. If it shows you a coma, please, put a dot there. HYPACK should not be running during this procedure. In some cases you may need to restart the system to make the change applied.