Line Editor - Line Report - How long will this survey take?
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on 29 December 2016 01:06 PM

HYPACK 2017 has a new feature in the Line Editor. In the Line Editor there is a new radio button labeled "Line Report" across the top row of icons. 

When you click on this option the program will prompt you for the average boat speed and the transit time. The interline transit time is the time it will take the boat to travel from one planned line to the next. This is user defined. 

Once the form is filled and you hit "OK" the report will populate and show you the total length of each line, time for completion of each line and the cumulative line time and transit times. 

This is a nice new tool that will enable the user to estimate the time it will take to run a survey and perhaps give an idea of how much fuel the boat will consume for the survey mission.