Running ViPer
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ViPer displays data from only one station at a time, but you may

run multiple instances of ViPer simultaneously to monitor multiple


For each station you wish to monitor, to the following:

1. Launch the program (VertProfiler.exe): Double-click the desktop icon or select the ViPer option from the Start menu. Initially the Station Manager and Filtering Options are blank. These are populated only after loading at least one station.

2. Define your visualizations.

3. Add the stations to each visualizations.

4. Save the visualization file. Select FILE-SAVE BUO and name your file. You may create a new BUO file or overwrite an existing one.

    4a. The visualization (*.BUO) file includes the stations and visualization windows. In later ViPer sessions, you can quickly and easily reload the preconfigured visualization by loading the BUO file.

5. Export your current visualization for remote viewing.