Bucket Log Program
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The Bucket Log program is designed to generate a report for the mechanical dredge community. The program is written to read the standard HYPACK Bucket files. The program allow the user to define multiple shifts per day. There are three types of report, The Summary Report, the Detailed Report and the Line and Detail report. There are examples of each report at the end of this document. The other option is the Entries to Use. The User has the ability to use just a single bucket file or a group of files. The Summary Report doesn’t make sense for a single file but when using a series of files it can be very useful. The program will break down the bucket files based upon time into shifts. For the report there is a map that will color the bucket files by the shift that they belong to. The Summary Report shows the shifts overall of the files that are opened, therefore you can see multiple shifts over multiple days. The Detailed report shows a single day for a single piece of paper. The Line and Detail report breaks all of the buckets out into text, assigning the bucket a count for the shift as well as for the day. Downtime Timeout is used to determine if the dredge has taken too long between buckets and is used in the calculation of cycle time. Downtime is registered in seconds.



Procedure for creating reports:

  1. Open the Bucket Log program in the main HYPACK shell under the UTILITIES->DREDGING UTILITIES menu item.
  2. Load the BKT files of interest.
  3. Set up the shift times.
  4. Select the report you wish to generate, you can generate them one right after the other with the same files loaded.


Line and Detail Report