HYPACK DQM for Pipeline dredges
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HYPACK DQM for Pipeline Dredges


The United States Army Corps of Engineers will soon be requiring pipeline dredges over 18 inches to adhere to DQM specifications on government contracts. These specifications can be found at the following location.

In the specification section the information on how the contractor will adhere to the program is found in section:

 35 20 23.33


HYPACK has made a provision for this specification in the NewInc.dll device driver. This driver for now is based on a customer’s request only. It will be part of the standard HYPACK starting in HYPACK 2017.

The driver will do the following:

  • Read all current inclinometers that are currently available in Inclinometer.dll
  • Calibrate all current inclinometers in the Inclinometer.dll
  • Allow for user input for downtime reports for such events as maintenance, repairs etc.. all transmitted to USACE DQM
  • Input of the USACE Contract number. This is used by the government to identify your plant
  • Production formulas. These formulas can be user defined or government input for material type
  • Compile DQM JSON format data for transport to the USACE DQM computer









 DQM production is computed real time with sensor input

Each dredge will have a separate DQM PC that receives the JSON data from HYPACK and is sent to the DQM data center via internet connection. With the NewInc.dll and a dedicated DQM computer aboard you can use HYPACK to be in full compliance of the DQM Specification