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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the price of the ViPer Software?

A: ViPer is a purchased as a term subscription license, renewable annually. It requires a physical USB key with an activation file. Updates may be released periodically and customers will be notified when updates are available and where they can download.

Q: Can the program be installed on multiple machines?

A: The software can be installed in several machines, however, a physical usb key is required to run the software. If you want to run the software on multiple machines simultaneously, you will need to purchase a license for each computer.

Q: Is it possible to get a trial version to try the software first before subscribing?

A: A 90-day trial version of the software is available at no cost to existing profiler customers. You can request a ViPer 90 day trial software by submitting this online form.

Q: What file format is the data output?

A: ViPer is a viewer so it is not meant to export data. It will allow you to capture the data and display it on a browser. As long as the ViPer program is running and the display is in full screen, even if running in background, the browser data will update when the .dat files receive new data from the profiler.

Q: Are there any restrictions with setting up the data to output to an FTP site?

A: The software is a viewer only so it is does not create an output except as an image file that reflects the graphical representation of the data that can be viewed on a monitor or on a browser. Files will update at whatever interval you set up the program to update. As the data is acquired and builds the files on which the graphs were built, an image is capture and can be displayed on a web page.

Q: How do we get support for ViPer Software?

A: If you have questions or need assistance with ViPer, YSI-ISS will be happy to help.

    ISS Tech Support / ISS: 727-565-2201 x828 Email:

    HYPACK Tech Support / HYPACK: 860-635-1500 Email:

More information is available at the ViPer page located at