Tif Border Transparency Color
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on 30 August 2016 11:20 AM

In some cases Sidescan TIF images from other software packages have a border other than white that is not transparent in HYPACK. To make the border transparent follow these steps. White will always be a transparent color in HYPACK Shell and SURVEY

1. Open the TIF Image in MS Paint

2. Use the Pick Color tool in Paint. Pick the border and its color with this cursor tool

3. Change Color 1 in Paint to white 255 255 255 RGB.

4. Use the bucket fill color cursor tool and fill the border with the white color. This changes the border from other RGB to RGB 255 255 255 (white)

5. Save the TIF . All internal georefernce will be retained.

6. Load in HYPACK. Notice that the border is now transparent