Sources of corrections for Magnetometer Surveys
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The INTERMAGNET organization is a group that monitors the changes in the magnetic readings due to outside interference. The Diurnal changes in the gamma reading are recorded at a site with a known gamma signature. This recording is available for download. The recorded variations can be used with the HYPACK recorded files to clean the interference out of the survey.

Stations have been setup around the world by various organizations that are a part of the Intermagnet participating institutes. The next image shows a location and designator for the stations around the globe.


A typical observatory involves an isolated magnetometer that records the readings throughout the day. Below is a typical observatory setup.


Throughout the day the current reading will fluctuate with interference. This is the values that cause issues and are referred to a diurnal affect. The graph below shows the diurnal affect over time as measured from the USGS site. The readings were taken at three different sites (1) Honolulu, Hawaii (2) San Juan, Puerto Rico (3) Guam. The graphs show the variations at the site over the course of the day.




The files that are downloaded contain the information you will need later to use as a shore station to edit your magnetometer data.