Standard HYPACK® Volumes Calculation
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Standard HYPACK® Volumes Calculation

Standard HYPACK® Volumes Calculation

This method is, by far, the most flexible of all of the methods. It calculates fill values, allowing it to be used to calculate the capacity of a dumping area, or the volume of sand required for each replenishment. It supports up to 20 segments to support turning basins, and all cross sections must have the same number of points. The Standard HYPACK® method also does a good job where you are using non-parallel survey lines. Where Average End Area methods will understate the amount of material if it is piled up on the outside of a turn, the Standard HYPACK® method calculates the volume for slices proportionally across the channel.

Standard HYPACK® Method, Plan View


The Standard HYPACK® method allows overdredge calculations to differ between segments. From the GRAPH OPTIONS window, Volumes Tab, click on [Overdredge Basis].

Overdredge Bases   

You can choose a different overdredge basis for each segment. Set the segment number, then the overdredge basis for each segment and click [OK].

The overdredge bases are:

        All to include all overdredge material (V2).

        None to exclude all overdredge material (0).

        Smart for contour dredging (V2P).

Standard HYPACK® Diagram