Scour Face Volume Calculations
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In the TIN MODEL interface, create a single CHN face (channel design surface) then calculate the amount of fill required to bring the TIN surface up to the design surface.

1.       Build your TIN model.

2.       Select CALCULATE-SCOUR FACE. The Scour Face dialog will appear with a map display of your TIN model.

Sample Scour Face Dialog Display

3.       Define the horizontal location of the top edge of the scour face surface.

        To use the cursor:

i.         Click the Digitize Top Edge icon.

i.         Click in the map display defining the top edge.

        To use a planned line file:

i.         In the LINE EDITOR, create an LNW file containing only one line that defines the top edge of the scour face.

i.         In the Scour Face dialog, click on the Import Top Edge icon. A File Open dialog will appear.

ii.       Select the a planned line file created in step 1 and click [Open].

The defined edge will appear in the map display.

Defining the Top Edge of the Scour Face

4.       Enter the scour face parameters:

        Z-value Bottom: Depth at the lower edge of the channel face.

        Z-value Top: Depth at the upper edge of the channel face.

        Width of Face: The horizontal distance from the top edge to the bottom edge of the face.

Note: The slope of the face is calculated using the Width of Face and the change in depth between the bottom and top of the face.

Scour Face Parameters.

Previewing the Scour Face CHN

5.       Generate the channel file.

a.       Tin_GenerateCHNIcon.pngClick on the Generate Channel icon. The channel face will be created according to your specifications and drawn on the Scour Face map display for you to preview.

b.       If you need to adjust the channel file, edit the scour face parameters and click the Generate Channel icon again.

c.       tin_ScourSaveCHNIcon.pngWhen you are satisfied with the channel preview, save it to CHN format. Click the Save Channel icon and name your file. The CHN file will be stored, by default, to your project folder.

6.       Calculate the scour face fill volume.

a.       tin_ScourVolCalcIcon.pngClick the Calculate Volume icon. The TIN MODEL Volumes Calculation dialog will appear. The settings will default to those for a TIN-to-CHN volume calculation using the channel file you just created.

b.       Verify the volume calculation options and click [Calculate]. The resulting volumes calculations are displayed in the dialog and stored to the tin_report_Date_Time.txt file in your project folder.

Resulting Scour Face Volume