TIN-to-Channel Volumes with a Zoned Channel
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TIN-to-Channel Volumes with a Zoned Channel

A TIN-to-channel comparison in the TIN MODEL program typically reports a volume for each face of your channel. In a complex channel, it might be more helpful for you to define the areas in your channel for which volumes will be calculated. That is exactly what we do with channel zones. Before you can calculate the TIN-to-CHN volume with zones, you will define your channel template (*.CHN) and your desired zones in ADVANCED CHANNEL DESIGN.


Note: Zoned calculations are not limited by border files.

Zoned TIN-to-Channel calculations require an input file and the zoned channel file.

Initial Data for Zoned TIN to Channel Calculations

In the Volume Calculations Dialog:

Sample TIN-to-Channel Settings

1.       Select ‘TIN to Channel’.

2.       Select the ‘Use Channel Zones’ option.

3.       Set your report options.

4.       Click [Calculate].

Sample Zoned Report