TIN-to-Channel Volumes with Multiple Channel Files
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TIN-to-Channel Volumes with Multiple Channel Files

If you have multiple nested channel files (*.CHN), TIN MODEL can use the Philadelphia method to calculate the volume between each one.

The channels in the following figure show the situation for which this process was developed. They had previously dredged to the depths of the upper two channels, but needed to expand the channel design to that described by the deeper two channel profiles. Thus the channels represent the design depth and overdredge depth of the original channel and the new, larger channel.

Sample Nested Channel Profiles

Sample Channel Files


Maintenance Dredging:

CHN1: Above Design

CHN2: Overdredge



New Dredging Area:

CHN3: Above Design

CHN4: Overdredge

It reports the based on the areas defined by a center line file and a section file. For each section, the volumes are reported for the areas left and right of center.

Volumes Calculated Left and Right of Center for Each Section

To calculate volumes in this manner requires a specialized setup listing your channel files and the line files.

1.       Build your TIN model.

2.       Select VOLUMES-CALCULATE to access the Volumes Calculation dialog.

3.       Click [MultiChannel Philadelphia]. The Multi Channel dialog will appear.

Sample Multi Channel Philadelphia Dialog

4.       Enter your channel files (*.CHN) and your center line and section files (*.LNW) and click [OK].

As the program calculates the volumes, it draws each section to the screen:

        Material above CHN4 is yellow.

        Material above CHN3 is blue.

        Material above CHN2 is green.

        Material above CHN1 is red.

Sample Volumes in Process

The resulting volumes report shows the volumes for each section and the accumulated volumes as each section is completed.