Standard TIN-to-Channel Volumes
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For a straight comparison between your survey surface and the channel file. TIN MODEL requires only the channel file or a 3D planned line file with the Input data file in the initial setup dialog.

Note: If you want to see this comparison itemized by section, you must include a planned line file.

Building the TIN Model for Standard TIN-to-Channel Volumes

In the Volume Calculations Dialog:

Sample TIN-to-Channel Settings

1.       Select ‘TIN to Channel’.

2.       Set your report options.

3.       Click [Calculate].

Beware! Use caution when computing volumes where the survey lines are not perpendicular to your side slope. Because of the way TIN Models are created, your volumes may be overstated. We are working on ways to improve on this, but nothing will be perfect.

Beware! With so many different options that can affect your out­come It requires some careful checking to ensure you are classify­ing the material as either accumulated or depleted. Such options include:

        XYZ Files are in Depth or Elevation

        Initial File survey came before or after the Additional File survey

Sample TIN to CHN Report Itemized by Channel Face—Beginning (top) and End (bottom) Data at the break has been omitted.

Sample TIN to CHN Report Itemized by Section—Beginning (top) and End (bottom) Data at the break has been omitted.