Broadcasting Your GPS Data over the Network
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Broadcasting Your GPS Data over the Network

When your project involves multiple vessels, it may be useful for the crew on one vessel to be able to monitor the other vessel positions. For example, when tugboats are working to position a barge, it will be useful for the barge master to see tugboat positions.

The GPStoNet utility, included in the \HYPACK 2016\Support folder, automatically broadcasts your GPS output to a Wi-Fi network where it can be read by the GPS device driver in the hardware configuration on another network computer.

Though this feature may have many uses, it was designed as part of the anchor management system in SURVEY or DREDGEPACK®. It enables the HYPACK® computer on one vessel (the barge) to read the position of other vessels (the tugboats) into SURVEY or DREDGEPACK® on the HYPACK® computer. The GPStoNET application does not require a HYPACK® license.


        All vessels are on a wireless network.

        On the barge:

        One HYPACK® license for the master.

        Barge boat shape file (*.SHP) for the barge which includes named locations for each anchor attachment point.

        Tugboat shapes are optional.

        The hardware configuration includes a mobile for each tugboat position, each with the GPS driver assigned to it that reads its vessel position over the network.

        The computer runs SURVEY or DREDGEPACK® and broadcasts the windows via SURVEY VIEWER This allows the helmsmen on the tugboats to see the same display as the barge master.

        On the tugboats:

        Broadcast position and heading to the network using the GPStoNet utility.

        If you use SURVEY VIEWER, copy the program to the onboard computer. The SURVEY VIEWER requires no license for the tugboat helmsman.