Anchor Event Reports
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Anchor Event Reports

HYPACK® SURVEY records anchor activity in a daily Anchor Events Report. Each time you drop or raise an anchor at the anchor point, or on a target or anchor mark, the program appends a record to the report for the current day.

Anchor Events Reports are named “AnchorEvents_mm_dd_yyy.txt” and stored in your project folder.

Sample Anchor Events Report

05018DF8 09:43:28 500083.84 3000174.85 500083.84 3000174.85

05018DF8 09:43:31 500083.84 3000174.85

05018DF8 09:43:47 500083.84 3000174.85 499952.37 3000192.20

In this example, the anchor at 500083.84, 3000174.85 was dropped and raised at the anchor point position. It was then dropped at either an anchor mark or target at 499952.37, 3000192.20.