Anchor View Options in SURVEY or DREDGEPACK®
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Anchor View Options in SURVEY or DREDGEPACK®

You can customize each anchor display individually by editing its view options:

1.       Open the Anchor Parameters dialog. Select an anchor in the Anchor Manager and click [Edit Anchor].

Anchor Parameters Dialog

2.       Set the view options for the selected anchor.

        Radius draws a circle of the defined size in survey units around the marker for that anchor. The radius shows only when the anchor is raised.

Anchor Marker with 35 foot Radius

        Floats: Enter the distances of the floats from the anchor in a comma delimited list. The area map shows small circles at those distances measured from the anchor toward the anchor attachment point. The floats show only when the anchor is dropped.

Two Floats Between the Anchor and its Attachment Point

        Marker X and Y show the position of anchor markers the barge master can set where anchors should be placed. You can also set these coordinates using the cursor in the area map.

        Color: Select a color to color-code the anchor label and the anchor marker radius in the map window, as well as the data for that anchor in the Anchor Data Display. Click the color block to access a color selection dialog.