Transporting Anchors in the Anchor Manager
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Transporting Anchors in the Anchor Manager

If you need to transport the anchor to another location, you would first place it on a tugboat. Then, when the tugboat reaches the required position with the anchor, drop the anchor. Use the controls in the Anchor Manager to update the anchor location in SURVEY or DREDGEPACK® based on your observations and communication with the crews on the tugboats.

You may choose to use targets or anchor markers to guide the tugboat into position. In either case, SURVEY or DREDGEPACK® can display a circle of user-defined diameter around the position to show when your tugboat is close.

1.       Set an anchor mark where you want to drop your anchor. (Optional)

2.       Place the anchor on the tugboat using the Anchor Manager. When the anchor is on the tugboat, it moves with the tugboat.

a.       Select the anchor you want to transport.

b.       Select the tugboat on which you want to place the anchor from the Tugboats drop-down list.

c.       Click [Place on Tug]. The selected anchor moves to the selected tugboat in your area map and its status in the Anchor Manager becomes “On Tug”.

3.       Navigate your tugboat to the required position and drop the anchor.

        To drop the anchor at its current location, select the anchor in the Anchor Manager and click [Drop].

        To drop the anchor on a target, select the anchor in the Anchor Manager, and the target name from the Targets list, then click [Drop at Target].

        To drop the anchor on an anchor mark, right-click the anchor mark in the area map and select Drop at Marker.