Combined Hardware program will not open
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on 04 February 2016 12:24 PM

If you try to open the Combined Hardware program from the Preparation > Hardware Setup pulldown  or the Shortcut Icon, and it does not open and does not appear as a process in Task Manager, then, verify that the   hypHW.exe   program exists in the   C:\Hypack 201X    directory.

If it does, then double click on it here and see if it opens.

If it does not exist in the directory (which is most likely the case), then it typically means that your Virus Scanning program has determined it to be a 'virus'  and has  removed/quarantined the  hypHW.exe  file.


Solution:  You will need to copy the  hypHW.exe file from another computer that HYPACK installed on it, and paste it into the  C:\Hypack 201X   directory.

               Or, uninstall and re-install HYPACK.  You will need to make sure that your Virus Scanning program is 'disabled'  or set to 'allow'  the hypHW.exe to be known as a 'valid' program and not a 'virus'.