Segmented Line Plan Hot Keys in HYPACK Survey
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on 31 December 2015 10:38 AM

I am sure you all know the typical hot keys in HYPACK Survey when working with line files.  

Ctrl+I   = select the next line (increment)

Ctrl+D  = select the previous line (decrement)

Ctrl+W = Swap the direction of the line 


The ones that you may not be so familiar with are Ctrl+F and Ctrl+B.  These are used if you are working with multi-segmented lines (multiple waypoints).  When working with these lines you can set the software to automatically switch to the next waypoint.  However, if you start collecting data and you are already at a few waypoints in the program might not select the segment of line that you are currently on.  To advance or go back through the segments the user can use:

Ctrl+F = Advance forward to the next waypoint


Ctrl+B = Move back to the previous waypoint