HYSWEEP Offset Resolution
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on 08 December 2015 10:54 AM

The HYPACK Combined Hardware was introduced in HYPACK 2014. With this Hardware there is no longer a need to open multiple hardwares (HYPACK, HYSWEEP, Sidescan) to set your Hardware.  It is all wrapped up in one.  However, with this new hardware the HYPACK Navigation Device (under the old HYSWEEP Hardware) is now behind the scenes and you can not manually make any changes to the offsets.  This is helpful to most as you do not need to enter the offsets in twice, however, some users like to ensure all the offsets are entered correctly.  Now when you make changes to offsets and close Hardware to save, a new pop up window will open.  This is the HYSWEEP Offset Resolution window.  With the offsets that you have entered you have a choice which one to use for the HYPACK Navigation Device.  Choose either "Ignore Difference", "Use HYSWEEP" or "Use GPS device".  


If the Combined Hardware still confuses you and you want to confirm all your offsets the Legacy Hardware still exists under Help - Legacy Software.