Opening and saving data in CLOUD
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on 07 December 2015 02:48 PM

HYPACK has a stand alone CLOUD Program.  This program is found under Utilities - Cloud or Cloud (64 bit).  


Excepted formats:  XYZ, MTX, Edited MB Data (HS2 & HS2x), ALL, LAS or LAZ, and e57


Opening Files:  A user can open multiple files in Cloud as long as the files are in the same folder (Example: Multiple XYZ files or even XYZ and MTX files).  These files must be selected initially and can not be added after the first set of data is loaded.  


Once the data is opened, the user can filter and edit the data.  The user can even display based on File or Depth.  Selecting the Color Icon allows the user to change the Color By File colors and selecting the drop down in the menu bar allows the user to select color by file or color by depth.


Saving Files:  

1.  Save File - Saves each file separately as the same file type.

2.  Save As - Saves each file separately with option to rename and choice of saving as XYZ, LAS, LAZ or original file type.  

3.  Save as XYZ - Combines all files open into one XYZ file.