ENC Chart Colors
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on 02 December 2015 12:55 PM

If you are using ENC (Electronic Navigation Charts) all of the colors based on contours are configurable.  To configure these colors:


1.  Click Settings - Settings or F9

2.  Select the Charts Tab

3.  Click the "S57 Options" button

4.  In the new window that opens, under the "General Display" Tab, there is a drop down to change the Scheme.  There are three choices (S53, Bathy Blue or Red Yellow Green).  S53 is the default with blue and green colors.

5.  Once a scheme is choosen you have a choice to change the Contour depths.

6.  Contours

  • Shallow Contour (displays the same color from 0 to shallow depth entered)
  • Safety Contour (displays the same color from the Shallow Contour to the Safety Contour depths entered)
  • Deep Contour (displayed the same color from the Safety Contour to Deep Contour and in some schemes beyond the Deep Contour)

7.  Safety Depth are the depths that will be displayed.  


Attached are some sample images of each scheme with the same contour settings.  




 s52 colors.jpg (129.27 KB)
 bathybluecolors.jpg (138.55 KB)
 ryg colors.jpg (150.35 KB)