Creating Targets using the Cursor in HYPACK 2015
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on 08 October 2015 01:48 PM

In HYPACK 2015 the Target Editor had a makeover.  In order to be able to make targets consistent within each HYPACK program the Programmers choose to create a Target Database.  When creating this new database they lost to option to choose "Use Cursor" in the Target Editor window.  A way around this was to add an icon to the Map View Tools in the HYPACK Shell (Admin Window).  There is now a "Target Editor Cursor" Icon (pencil with 3 dots) to select to make targets in the HYPACK Shell Map Window.  


Select the Icon and your cursor will change to a cross hair with triangle.  Place the cross hair over the new target location and left click.  All of the targets will be added to the Target Database under the group "Shell".