Creating a KTD File in TIN
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on 08 October 2015 01:24 PM

What is a KTD File?  It is a file used only in HYPACK which contains separation values to calculate real-time water levels during an RTK Survey.  If users have these separation values they can create their own KTD File to be used in Survey.  Previously you had to enter these values in manually using the KTD Editor.  In HYPACK 2014 we added an option in the TIN Model Program to load an XYZ file and export a KTD file.  


How to make a KTD File in TIN Model:

1.  Open TIN Model and load an XYZ file. 

2.  Check the 2D model fill area to make sure the area is filled.

3.  Go to Export - XYZ

4.  Select: XY Source = Grid

                Z Source = TIN

                Enter a Grid Spacing (example 2x2)

                Select the box next to "KTD Output"

                Click "Output File" to enter a File Name

                Click "EXPORT"

5.  The file is created and available to display in the HYPACK Shell.


*note - this is a great way to make a separation file if your project borders two VDatum Models.  


Please contact HYPACK Help at if you have questions.