Side Scan Data Reformatter (AKA HSX Converter)
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on 23 September 2015 04:35 PM

HYPACK has a utility under side scan which will convert HSX files to XTF or GSF file as well as convert a number of different formats to HSX (see below for list).  This utility also allows the user to reduce XTF and HSX file sizes.  Along with a few other file adjustment tools.  


Where the utility is located:  This utility is the HSX converter but called Side Scan Data Reformatter under the Side Scan Menu.  


List of different formats the converter can convert to HSX:

Applied Signal Data Files (*.IMG)

Benthos C3D Files (bathy data only) (*.XTF)

CMAX Files (*.CM2)

EdgeTech JSF Files (*.JSF)

Elac XSE Files (*.XSE)

GPX Files (*.GPX)

GSF Files (*.GSF)

Imagenex DeltaT Files (*.83p, *.878)

Imagenex Sportscan Files (*.81s)

Klein SDF Files (*.SDF)

Kongsberg Simrad ALL Files (*.ALL)

Kraken TIL Files (*.TIL)

Marine Sonic Files (*.MST, *.SDS)

Ping DSP Files (*.3dss-dx)

Qinsy QPS Files (bathy data only) (*.XTF)

Reson Odom Files (bathy data only) (*.XTF)

R2Sonic Files (*.raw)

Reson 7k Files (*.7k, *.s7k)

SwathPlus Files (*.sxi, *.sxp)

Teledyne-Odom Files (*.tdy)

Tritech Starfish Files (*.LOGDOC