DREDGEPACK Tracking Stations
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on 14 August 2015 02:25 PM

Most dredgers want to track what station the cutter head or spud is located at. To do so you will need to do the following: 


1. Construct a Centerline LNW in HYPACK Line Editor. This file should only contain one line which represents the centerline. 

2. In DREDGEPACK go to Chart-->Channel --Centerline and load this LNW file

3. In DREDGEPACK Data Display add under your cutter or boat Mobile "Chainage" This is old carry over term for stationing


NOTE: A LNW file that is enabled in the HYPACK Shell before entering DREDGEPACK is for Left Right Indication and DMG, DTG. It is not to track stationing in a station format. If you want the L/R Iindicator to track the same line for stationing , load the centerline file in HYPACK Shell before launching DREDGEPACK and also in Chart-->Channel-->Channel.