Processing a Swing File
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on 10 April 2015 11:24 AM

You will need to have a copy of HYPACK installed on a compute in the office and have a HYPACK SURVEY key. You will then do the following:

1. On the dredge go to Windows Explorer --> C:HYPACK/Projects/Jupiter Inlet/RAW. Save the days RAW files to your flash drive. Copy to office computer.
2. On the office computer copy the RAW files to C:HYPACK/Projects/Jupiter Inlet/RAW. If you do not have this project make a Jupiter Inlet project
3. Go to Processing--> Single Beam Editor
4. Open the days LOG file or RAW files
5. In Read Parameters choose Inclinometer for Navigation and Inclinometer for Position and Heading.
6. In Single Beam Editor go to View -->Spreadsheet -->Right click on spreadsheet and configure the columns of data you want to output
7. In Spreadsheet hit EXPORT --> This will save the data out to a text file.