The logic of using Group 10 in the Applanix POS MV
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on 10 April 2015 10:27 AM

One of the questions that we encounter are the different aiding options on the POS MV. (e.g. Auxiliary, Closely Coupled, and Tightly Coupled) How does HYPACK know what to use?


HYPACK prefers Group 10 which is typically configured under the Ethernet Realtime Menu and uses the following logic to determine what precise aiding mode it is in:

If Group 10 is set to a certain bit (reported from the POS MV)

Then the Navigation Status is in Auxiliary GPS Aided Mode

else if the POS reports some other bit(s)

Then the Navigation Status is in Closely Coupled Mode

else the Navigation Status is in Tightly Coupled Mode


Using Group 10 ensures that your system is utilizing the most optimal solution!  Check out our other Knowledgebase articles describing the different POS MV groups and differences in aiding methods.