Problem with ALL files (multibeam data from Kongsberg MBE) at midnight
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on 09 March 2015 06:41 AM

Recently there was a report that one of the ALL files can't be read correctly inside MBMAX64. Yes, yes, yes, MBMAX64 can read ALL files directly!

The reason was the file was logged at the midnight. It loads into MBMAX64 fine, but in stage 1 the graphs of SOG, Heave and other show weird info. Also when going into stage 2 program gives an error message and no data are loaded.

I have come up with the kind of workout to save at least the first part of the data before the midnight:


2. Open resulting HSX file and scroll down untill the last data string of the day. As in the example below, the last string is RMB 1 86395.399:

GYR 2 86396.984 264.76
HCP 2 86396.994 -1.48 0.19 -2.47
RMB 1 86395.399 3 10 1B01 144 1520.40 50343

RMB 1 39.149 3 10 1B01 144 1520.40 50353

3. Delete all the data after this string and save an HSX file.

4. Open resulting edited HSX file inside MBMAX64 and process it as normal.

Well, unfortunately, SIDESCAN DATA REFORMATTER did not do a good job with the data after midnigh therefore you will miss these data. But at least you can preserve the data till the midnight.