Sounding Migration and multi-segmented Line information
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on 25 February 2015 02:45 PM


Issue:   You collected singlebeam data along a Line that is multi-segmented and then applied the Sounding Migration option in the SBMAX Singlebeam Editor and it has introduced some significant vertical spikes in your data.

 Resolution 1:   Sounding Migration is ONLY meant to be used with Cross Section lines that ONLY have 1 segment.

                     The Cross Section Line MUST HAVE ONLY 2 points, in other words, a straight line.


                    If your Line is multi-segmented, then the Sounding Migration option will create some large erroneous vertical spikes in your data, as it was not meant to be used in this fashion.


Resolution 2:  When you load your data into the SBMAX Editor and reach the Read Parameters window, if you select the  "Ignore Planned Line Info" ,  it will significantly change how the Sounding Migration option functions, but may still leave some small vertical spikes in your data.