Exporting ALL Format with Template information
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on 25 February 2015 01:49 PM

Issue:   You have collected and created a final XYZ file from your data.

            You have a LNW Line file that has Template information and would like to cut Cross Sections thru your XYZ file and create  ALL files that can be used in the Cross Sections and Volumes program.

            You have loaded the XYZ and Line File into TIN Model and Exported new ALL files, but there is NO Template information within them.



Resolution:  Open your LNW Line File in the Planned Line Editor

                  Verify that the Template information is in each Line.

                  Verify that you ONLY have the Cross Section Lines in the Line File.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  If you also have the Centerline, Toe Lines, and Top of Bank Lines within the Line File, this will cause the TIN Model to NOT include the Template information in the new ALL files.

                  Remove the additional Lines and leave ONLY the Cross Section Lines, and Save the LNW Line file to a new name.


Verification:   Open TIN Model and Load the XYZ file and new LNW Line file.

                      Export to ALL format.

                      Open the new ALL files in SBMAX or CSV programs and verify that the Template information is there.