Finding Vdatum Zone Coverage
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on 13 February 2015 04:31 PM

Finding Vdatum Zone Coverage


Vdatum Zone coverage can be found by locating the Vdatum Google Earth KML file in the HYPACK ROOT Folder Datum Folder. Below is an example on the location of the KML file that was found on my PC. 


C:\HYPACK 2015\datum\vdatum\FLGAeastbays01_8301\FLGAeastbays01_8301.kml


Open Google Earth --> File-->Open-->*.KML file 


The KML files have sub KML files under the parent KML file . You can turn off and on layers to see the coverage areas. 


Red Polygon - Masked Vdatum Areas - Code 2

Royal Blue Polygon - Overall GTX Coverage Area

Light Blue - Non Tidal Areas