Stationing in DREDGEPACK
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Displaying Stationing in DREDGEPACK


It is possible to display Stationing or what we like to call "Chainaige" in DREDGEPACK. If you do not have a *.LNW file or a *.PLN file loaded in DREDGEPACK then Stationing will not be displayed. 


*.LNW -->Created in Line Editor

*.PLN -->Created in Channel Design or Advanced Channel Design


Caveat - If your stationing for the beginning of your line is other than 0+00 then you will need to make and use a *.PLN file. Starting stationing can only be offset with this type of file. *.LNW files can only start with 0+00 at the start of the line. WORK AROUND: If need be you can make the *.LNW starting points extended for use. Using the "Offset Method" to extend line will work.