POSMV Status Codes
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on 30 January 2015 12:48 PM

The POSMV status codes are not the same as a NMEA GPS. In the table below the codes are defined from documentation found on the internet. 



Group 3 code

Group 20 code Notes
Fixed Narrow Lane RTK 7 0  
Fixed Wide Lane RTK 6 1  
Float RTK 5 2  
Code DGPS   3

What does Applanix mean by “Code DGPS” vs. “RTCM DGPS”?

They seem to imply that “Code DGPS” is somehow better than “RTCM DGPS”.

There is no such thing: RTCM is just a standard for transmission of

differential and/or RTK corrections. In its oldest form it describes only code

differential corrections. Newer versions describe also RTK phase corrections.

3-D DGPS Mode 4   Driver Maps it as Group 20 code 3
2-D DGPS mode 3   Driver maps it as Group 20 code 4
Autonomous 2 5