HYPACK 2015 Training Event Seminars Available for Archived Viewing
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on 26 January 2015 09:18 AM

The newest features of the upcoming release of HYPACK 2015 were recently demonstrated at our HYPACK 2015 Training Event in San Antonio, Texas. There were 15 hous of seminars in the main conference ballroom that were live video webcast on

Beginning with HYPACK President Pat Sanders talking about "What's New in HYPACK 2015?", viewers at home were treated to free tutorials on some of HYPACK's most popular features. The Tuesday seminars then moved into Multibeam hardware setups, patch and preformance tests, basic and advanced editing in MBMax64, and the ability to collect and edit Water Column data. Wednesday focused mostly on Sidescan topics, including hardware configuration, Targeting and Mosaicking and Geocoder. The day wrapped up the debuting the new 3D Printing from Tin Model option. Thursday wrapped up the annual training event with the Channel Condition Reporter, ENC Editor, and Topographic Laser integration.

The seminars are now available for archived viewing at: 

Simply navigate through the queue of videos on the right side of HYPACK's homepage to search for the training videos that you would like to watch.