Trouble using network key in HYPACK 2014
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on 21 January 2015 09:22 AM

If you are running a new install of HYPACK 2014, and having trouble connecting to a network key.   I would suggest downloading our update for License Manager. You can find it here:

The update has three parts, License manager.exe, Secserv.exe which both should be copied into the main HYPACK root folder and also the Hylock.exe which should be copied into the support folder found within the main HYPACK root folder. After installing the updates navigate to the support folder and run the hylock.exe. After completion, close any open windows, reboot the computer and attempt to log on to the key server again, using the correct IP, port number and User ID and then click Test Connection.  You should now see a message Test OK and you are now connected to the network key.  Please NOTE:  You can only have the up to the number of users accessing the network key at any one time as there are valid licenses associated with the key.