Making a Bucket Switch to create BKT files in DREDGEPACK
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on 20 January 2015 02:04 PM

Making a bucket switch to lay down BKT files in DREDGEPACK is simple. This momentary switch is wired and connected to a COM port so that the Bucket.dll is used to create BKT files. I will outline the steps below to create this switch. 


You will need the following: 

1. Momentatry push switch. 

2. Serial Cable


To create the Switch:


1. Cut the serial cable. Find Pins 4 and 6 on the serial cable by using a meter and pining out 4 and 6 by color. 

2. Attach these two color wires to the two poles on the momentary switch. 


To Interface the Bucket.dll Driver:


1. Connect to Serial port on the computer

2. Load the Bucket.dll on the cutting tool mobile in HYPACK Hardware

3. Set the Bucket.dll to the cooresponding COM port. Test the device in Hardware test. The indicator light will light when you press the switch. 

4. In DREDGEPACK go to Options/Bucket Parameters and set the parameters on how you want the buckets to apear in DREDGEPACK.