POS / MV (posmv.dll)
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Driver name : POSMV.DLL

The POSMV is a Position and Orientation System that outputs position, heave, pitch, roll and heading data. Data may be output through both ethernet and serial connections.



  • RECORD RAW MESSAGES - used to record EVERY message that the device sends


  • Use PPS signal for timing: Select this option if you have a PPS box connected between the POSMV and HYPACK. Select the serial port where teh  PPS box is connected to the HYPACK computer. 
  • Use POSMV time tags even when not synchronizing: Select this option if you are using the POSMV with a multibeam system that is synchronized also to the POSMV. Normally you will not have any other devices in HYPACK HARDWARE when you are using this configuration. 
  • Record Multibeam frame data ( Group 102 ) : This option returns position data at a location referred to as "Sensor 1" in Applanix documentation. This is normally teh multibeam sensor head, but can be any user specified point. ( it does the same thing with Group 1 and all offsets set to 0. )
  • Record Vessel Frame data ( Group 1 ): Records the data at the POSMV reference point. NOTE: We have not yet seen a successful configuration using Group 1. 
  • Record HEAVE data ( Group 102 ): Recorded real-time heave values comes from Group 102. ( heave at the location of the multibeam head )
  • Record HEAVE data ( Group 111 ) : Recorded real-time heave values from Group 111. ( heave at location of the multibeam head )
  • Get Solution Status ( Group 3, 20, 10 ):