Appendix A: Analog Sidescan Interfacing
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Requires a multifunction I/0 device for port and starboard transducer signals + trigger, a cable and a connector block.  All are available for from National Instruments, along with a CD containing driver software.


National Instruments

11500 North Mopac Expressway,

Austin, TX 78795-3504


TEL: (512) 794-0100

FAX: (512) 683-9300



I/O Board

For Desktop Computers:  NI PCI-6023E – PCI Board.

For Notebook Computers:  NI DAQ Card-6024E – PCMCIA Card



For the Desktop PCI Board:  SH68-68-EP

For the Notebook PCMCIA Card:  SHC-68-68-EP


Connector Block

For either:  SCB-68.


To connect the three inputs – (1) port signal, (2) starboard signal, (3) trigger.


Input                                        Connector Block

1 Signal                                   68 (ACH0)

1 Ground                                 67 (AIGND)

2 Signal                                   33 (ACH1)

2 Ground                                 32 (AIGND)

3 Trigger                                  65 (ACH2)

3 Ground                                 64 (AIGND)


Note: The trigger wiring below is obsolete as of HYPACK version 2.12A.

3 Signal                                   10 (PFI1/TRIG2)

3 Ground                                 9 (DGND)


                                                11 (PFI0/TRIG1) connected to

47 (DIO3) for internal trigger test mode.



Hardware / Software Installation

  • Before installing the NI-DAQ software, install the PCI-6023E board in a spare PCI slot.
  • Start the computer and cancel the New Hardware Wizard.
  • Install the NI-DAQ software from CD then restart the computer.

Upon restart, the PCI-6023E is automatically recognized and configured.