Seatex MRU6
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HYSWEEP driver for the Seatex MRU6 motion reference unit.  Provides heave, pitch and roll data.



RS232 Serial interface, binary message.



  • Starboard:  MRU location starboard of boat center.
  • Forward: MRU location forward of boat center.
  • Vertical: MRU location relative to waterline (positive below).
  • Yaw: Enter 0.
  • Pitch, Roll:  Enter 0 (MRU pitch/roll offsets are typically zeroed within the MRU itself).
  • Latency:  Enter 0.



  • HYSWEEP uses the COM port to program the MRU6 to send a particular message.  If message is not received by the MRU6, due to starting HYSWEEP survey before the MRU6 or a broken or missing transmit wire (it’s happened), the driver will not work.
  • The MRU6 can be set to output a “Sounder” message, which is identical to the TSS 335B message.