Seabeam 2100
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HYSWEEP driver for Seabeam 2100 multibeam sonar.  The driver provides heave, pitch, roll and sound velocity corrected soundings.  Heading information is included in the 2100 datagram.



TCP/IP connection.  Use Internet Address = and Port = 5209 in HYSWEEP Hardware.  (The PC must have IP address matching the 2100 “Sea Logger” address – in one installation.)


Offsets - Gyro:

  • Starboard, Forward and Vertical:  Enter 0.
  • Yaw, Pitch and Roll:  Enter 0.
  • Latency:  Enter 0.


Offsets – Sonar Head:

  • Starboard and Forward:  Enter transducer position relative to boat reference.
  • Vertical:  Enter 0 – Draft is entered in 2100 Operators Station.
  • Yaw:  Enter the calibration offset.
  • Pitch and Roll:  Enter 0 – These are entered in 2100 Operators Station..
  • Latency:  Enter 0.



  • Because sounding corrections are done before data is sent to HYSWEEP, data can not be re-corrected later.
  • As with all network interfaces, both the HYPACK PC and the remote computer (2100 operators station) must be time synchronized to GPS time using the $GPZDA message.